How to Use Your Website to Find Potential Talent for Your Team

For the past four weeks, we’ve been diving into different methods for finding new talent to add to your team. So far, we’ve covered how to find talent using LinkedIn, Facebook groups, and Instagram, and today we’ll be completing this series with a fourth and final method…

Your website!

Of course, you can use your website to post about your new job position, so keep reading to learn how!

Create a Careers Page on Your Site

The most common way of posting your job position(s) is by creating a new page on your website just for these postings. We’d venture to guess there have plenty of times you’ve visited a website that had either a “Careers” menu item in their header or a link to the page in the footer (or both). This is something you can definitely try out as well!

Your Careers page can serve as an initial directory of all of the positions you’re hiring for with details for each, as well as a button to take visitors to the application! Be sure to include the mission and vision of your business at the top of the page before displaying the positions available. In the posting, be sure to include:

  • Specific role responsibilities (i.e. if hiring a social media manager, saying “You will be creating graphics in Canva and scheduling through Planoly for 12 posts per month” instead of “Creating and scheduling social media content for the month”), including any additional responsibilities or possible responsibilities as the position grows
  • A job title that’s clear and direct
  • Salary or expected pay, if you so choose, as well as any benefits or perks
  • Expected hours per month if hiring an independent contractor, or, if hiring employees, if the position is full-time or part-time
  • Requirements and qualifications that are needed for someone to be eligible to apply. This can also include personality qualifications as well! If you’re looking for someone who’s super-organized, flexible with their time, willing to tackle things that come up on their own, etc., be sure to specify those things.

We’d recommend using something like Google Forms or Typeform to house all of your applications. This just helps keep things smooth and streamlined for you!

Publish a Blog Post About the Opportunity

If hiring for more than one position, write a blog post for each position you’re hiring for. It doesn’t have to be super long, and can be laid out in a similar or even exact way to your Careers page! The goal here is to add another place on your site about the position so that anyone searching on Google will have a higher chance of coming across your post. Be sure to use keywords in your blog title as well. An example would be “Now Hiring! Superstar Instagram Marketing Strategist Needed.”

Share Your Blog Post on Pinterest

This is another reason why we recommend having separate blog posts for each position— this will help with your Pinterest SEO as well. Having each position separately will allow those specific experts to find the one job position they need to find. Create at least 8-10 Pinterest graphics for each blog post to give you the best chance of popping up in search results and catching someone’s eye! You can easily create these using Canva, and Canva even provides you with various free templates.

Link to Your Careers Page Everywhere

Be sure to add the link to your careers page everywhere. In your social media posts, in your social media bios, send it around your network so they can refer possible talent they know! Anywhere you’re talking about hiring, have the link available so people can easily click and browse what positions you’re hiring for. Refer back to our previous posts to learn how to talk about your job posting on LinkedIn, Facebook groups, or Instagram as well.

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