Meet Ashley Ebert and Dale Henry

Ashley Ebert

Owner of one of the largest wedding planning companies in the country with a team of 30 planners across 6 locations. With over 5.5 million in sales and an annual book of business of 300 - 400 weddings.

Ashley has led a large team for over 13 years and done it in one of the most difficult to scale markets. In the wedding world there is no repeat business and emotions run extremely high. This often creates employee turnover and burn out. But Ashley has built such a healthy company culture that team members have been with her for over 10 years - completely unheard of in the wedding world.

When she started, scaling to multiple 7 figures wasn’t originally the plan.

Instead the momentum of the business, like wind in their sails, propelled them to become a leader in the market. AND there was one key person in Ashley’s life helping her develop skills, and was with her every step of the way…

Dale Henry

Owner of a prolific leadership consulting company, Dale has been hired by over 50 Fortune 500 companies along with countless small and mid-sized businesses to improve the performance and lives of over 1.2 million people.

He's been named a Master Human Capital Strategist by the international Human Capital Institute, and is also a founding partner with Maxwell Leadership.

Why was Dale, a leadership trainer for companies like Best Buy, Bell, Wells Fargo, and Marriott, so invested in Ashley’s success? 

Because Dale is Ashley’s fun loving, crazy successful, joke telling Dad. 🥰