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The Ultimate Guide To Building Your Team

Everything from how to know if you are ready for a team to finding the best talent.

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You are making it happen with a business you love!

But you're also THE ONLY ONE making it happen.

If you’re a creative entrepreneur or small business owner, you’ll inevitably reach a point where you’re:

• Overwhelmed with work.
• Unsure if you can afford a team. 
• On the verge of making a big legal mistake.

Your dreams are too big to go it alone, and doing it all shouldn’t be the thing that holds you back.

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Build more than a job for yourself.
Create an asset that builds wealth for your life.

The Abundance Group will give you the guidance and expert coaching you need to take the guesswork out of:

Finding the right people without risking what you've built

Hiring and onboarding talent

Creating sustainable standard operating procedures

Financial and legal compliance

Leadership and team development

We get it. You’ve worked extremely hard to create this thriving business.

Sleepless nights, financial investments, saying “no” to things you wish you could have said “yes” to—all in the name of chasing your dream.

At The Abundance Group, we believe you deserve to breathe. To rest. To concentrate on the parts of the business that you’re passionate about, and hand off the parts you aren’t.

You should be able to do it without feeling like you’re risking what you’ve worked so hard to build. In fact, you should be able to do this while your business generates tens of thousands more in revenue each year.

The only way you can do it is by building a team you trust.

The Abundance Group


At The Abundance Group, we know how to help you build a dependable, efficient team —
because we’ve built our own and helped countless others build theirs.

TAG is led by a daughter/dad duo of Ashley, a creative entrepreneur and wedding planner with over 40 employees across 10 states, and Dale, a highly-coveted leadership development coach for some of the largest fortune 500 companies, who has helped over 1.2 million people throughout his career.

We know it’s a big leap to build a team, but we want you to know you’re not alone, and we’ve developed a step-by-step roadmap to get you there.

There's a plan.

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This FREE guide answers the tough questions about building or expanding your team — and excites you about doing it.


Join our “Building Your Team Intensive” and get serious about surrounding yourself with awesome people.

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You’re building more than a job for yourself — you’re building your legacy and an asset you can use to create true freedom.

Enjoy a Lifestyle of abundance.


"Adding to my team not only freed up my own time, but also increased my bottom line and expanded my services.

I've increased the weddings I do, and have started offering music video producing here in Nashville as well.  I have more time to focus on leads, networking, and ultimately getting more business which has a direct impact on my bottom line."

Maggie B.

"I went in with so many questions about starting my team. I now feel equipped to do so, and to do it well!

It’s full of actionable information, real-life business examples, expert speakers and real-time coaching with Ashley and Dale. The connections in the group are invaluable. I truly have a team and support system while growing my own planning team, and feel empowered and educated to make it happen!"

Erica B.

"The Building your Team Intensive was the answer to my prayers and future plans. 

They encouraged us to not be afraid to implement while learning. In mid-June, I started the employee search process and am happy to report that I will be hiring a handful of applicants to be Lead Planners and Assistants.We will be totally ready for the 2022 Wedding Boom in Atlanta, GA."

Irene T.

Kind words from students like you.

The Abundance Group Offerings

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Get coaching today through our free guide that covers everything from how to know if you are ready for a team to finding the best talent.

The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Team

A done-with-you program that combines group coaching, 1:1 coaching, and the comprehensive tools you need to help you build and manage a team with ease.

12-week Build Your Team Intensive

Leading a team is a long term commitment. Get sustainable support following your 12-week intensive. Stay connected with group coaching, on-demand email support, and expert training when you really need it.

TAG Membership

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