How to Use LinkedIn to Find Potential Team Members

LinkedIn is a platform made specifically for connecting and networking with professionals, building your brand, and especially recruiting. For the right people, it can be an amazing tool for finding talent to add to your team.

We say “right” because LinkedIn has more of a professional feel versus a casual one, so if that isn’t who you are or who you’re looking to hire, then it may not be right for you. However, it does open up a large opportunity for finding potential team members, so it may be worth a shot.

So, how do you actually use LinkedIn to find talent for your team? In this post, we’ll break down all of your options, so you can get one step closer to building a powerful team!

Do You Need a Large Following to Find Success with LinkedIn?

Before we dive in, we want to address a possible set back you may be thinking: Do I need a lot of connections if I want to be successful at using LinkedIn for job postings? The short answer, no. The technical answer, well, it depends.

There are multiple ways you can get your job out there. Some do require having enough connections to make it worth using the platform for job posting, and the others don’t necessarily require connections at all. (Although, they do require making sure your profile states clearly who you are, what your business is, etc. These are all things LinkedIn will walk you through when setting up your profile if you don’t already have one.)

How to Post a Job on LinkedIn

There are both paid and organic methods of posting your job on LinkedIn. We’ll walk you through all of them, so you can make an informed decision on which option would be best for your business and hiring goals.

Make a Post on Your Profile

You can simply create a post on your personal profile or company profile, if your business has its own profile. Be sure to be clear on role responsibilities, if you’re looking for an employee or independent contractor, hours expected to work, and where and how to apply. You may also include characteristics of the ideal candidate as an extra filter, as well as the possible pay rate. If you prefer the candidate be local, remote, or in a certain time zone, you should include that information as well. 

Disclaimer: In order for you to find the results you’re looking for with posting on your personal or company profiles, this is where the need for a number of connections would come in. The more eyes you have on your post, the more connections could share it and the more applications you’ll receive.

Post in a LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn groups work similarly to Facebook groups in the sense that you can find groups that are niche-specific and post your job postings! A major difference is that LinkedIn groups have a dedicated section to job postings, so it’s more likely that yours will get seen. 

To find groups, just search keywords in the search bar and select “Groups”. From there, you can request to join groups you think would be the best fit. Not only are groups a great opportunity for finding talent but also general networking with others in your industry.

Pay for a Job Ad

Did you know LinkedIn has paid ads just for posting jobs? You get to choose the location you’re hiring in, the position you want to hire for (plus LinkedIn will show you how many profiles there are with that position), the job description, skills you’re looking for, and more.

Then, you’re able to decide a daily budget for your ad. LinkedIn uses a pay-per-click model, meaning you’ll be charged every time someone clicks on your ad. They’ll also recommend a daily budget, though keep in mind that the actual cost can change. You’re then billed every month for as long as you keep the ad running.

After that, LinkedIn does most of the work! They’ll share your ad to everyone who matches the skills and location in your job description. You’ll also be granted 5 free InMail messages to people outside your network, and they’ll create a list of 50 people you can view who suit your role. You can also see who viewed your job and use the Job Posting inbox to talk with applicants.

Which Option is Best for You?

Really, it all comes down to your budget for hiring, your brand, and your LinkedIn connections. If you’re brand new to LinkedIn or haven’t taken the time to be very active and build your connections, you may find better luck with a paid ad or a post in a LinkedIn group. If you have a larger budget, you can try a paid ad as well. If you have been very active and have a good amount of connections and engagement, you can make a post on your profile or company page.

It also comes down to whether your brand or person you’re wanting to hire fits into the LinkedIn environment. It’s very much a corporate-dominating platform, which could impact your experience. Depending on your business persona, you may have better luck in Facebook groups or on Instagram.

All in all, LinkedIn could be worth a shot for any business as it’s one of the top recruiting platforms out there. Since business networking is their sole focus, they give more options when it comes to hiring than any other social media platform.If you decide to use LinkedIn, tell us about it! We’d love to hear how your job search is going in our DMs on Instagram. And if you need further help building your team, be sure to check out our 12-week Building Your Team Intensive!

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