Finding Great Talent: The Secrets You Need To Know

The signs are literally everywhere! Mailers, parade flyers, tv commercials, streaming ads, pop ups, even in the drive thru lane! You don’t need to even leave your house to know that almost everyone is hiring! So how are they doing it? What is the secret? Where is the good talent hiding and how in the world do you find them? Today we will uncover the steps you need to take to find great talent. We will dive into all the secrets you need to unlock the team you want for your growing business.

Hiring isn’t a single activity. It’s a process with multiple steps. We get the best talent when we focus on each of the steps in the process.” Let’s break it down!

A Job Description To Capture The Attention of The Talent You Seek

If you want great talent, you need to be specific about what you are looking for. An inaccurate job description can lead to hiring someone who isn’t the fit you had hoped for. To do this right, you want to start by first listing out your needs. Be specific and don’t leave anything out! Then take a deep look at your list. What role are you trying to fill? Is this work full time, part time, or perhaps two different jobs? Once you have a clear idea of the job you want to post, you will need write it up. Be sure to include keywords as you draft your post so that your job comes up when your ideal candidate is searching!

You will want to include the job title, a description of the job, responsibilities that will be expected, and the necessary experience, education, and/or training they will need to be qualified for the position. Don’t rush this process– really take your time to pull it together. 

Posting The Job To Get It In Front of Talent

You’ve written your job description but how do you get it out in front of great talent? Where are the ‘good ones’ hiding? The answer is simple yet complex. You can easily post to various job boards to start. Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, and Indeed are places you can post but they will often cost you money that you don’t need to spend. There are great options that can get your listing out there but you will want to get a little creative so that your listing doesn’t get lost in the shuffle! Think about who your ideal candidate is. Where would they hang out? What facebook groups might they be a part of? Where might they shop or spend their time? Think about Instagram, Facebook groups, LinkedIn, and other platforms. These are the places you want to post your job! 

Pro Tip: if you plan to post to social media, be sure to create a graphic to go with it! Statistics show that it has a higher chance of being seen, interacted with, and even shared when a graphic is attached. The graphic should be clear and simple with an obvious CTA that encourages them to click the link to apply! 

Determining Who To Interview

A large part of your CTA when posting your job is to get candidates to complete a form. This form will serve as your vetting tool. You will want to design a vetting tool to help you compare your candidates. This could be a Typeform, a google form, or another tool you’d prefer. It should ask questions about their experience, tasks they enjoy and tasks they loathe, their goals for the future, and other topics you would find valuable when determining who to hire!

You’ve written your job description, you’ve posted, and you’ve gotten a great response! Congrats!! You’ve found yourself sorting through the applications and it is a bit overwhelming (and exciting).  Now how do you determine who to interview? The secret to determining who to interview is getting organized. 

Pro Tip: don’t just focus on skills- really dig into who they are and how they might fit within your company. You will want your ideal candidate to have many of the skills you seek but the best candidate does not need to have every item on your list to be the one for you! 

Evaluate Their Responses | Do Your Research

Before you schedule interviews, do your homework! You will want to sort through the responses from the vetting tool you created. Remove the ones that are an immediate ‘no thank you’ first. Then pull out your absolute favorites! You will want to dig into their background experience on their resume, their LinkedIn profile, and/or Facebook page. The more you can learn about potential hires, the better! From here, you will be able to determine who you will want to interview!

Conducting the Interview

Once you’ve determined who to interview, you’ll need to host the interview. Be sure to come in prepared with a list of questions you wish to ask but also make space for your candidate to ask questions too! As the interviewer, it will be important to note the skillset of the candidate but even more importantly, you will want to seek someone who has great character. You can always offer training to fill in the gaps where they may fall short (skill wise) but you can’t exactly teach someone to have good character. 

Pro tip: A second interview is completely appropriate. Hiring is a big decision so if you need to set up a second interview or to have another team member interview him or her so that you can feel really confident; do it! 

Hiring Talent

Now for the fun part!! Choosing who to hire. Narrow down the candidates you interviewed until you are left with the best talent for the position. You will want to select the talent that will not only be a high performer but also a good fit for your team. From here you will want to write up an offer letter to the one you choose to hire and rejection letters to the candidates you will not. We know that while this part is super exciting, it can also be challenging. If you are looking for specific templates to get started, check out our Complete Guide to Hiring. 

Onboarding New Talent

Once you have officially hired your new talent and everything is signed, the onboarding process can begin. This is the time you will introduce your talent to the team, provide necessary training, and begin implementing SOPs so that you can become a solid team together. You can rest assured knowing you have great talent on your team and that the future is filled with more opportunities because of it!

The Complete Guide to Hiring

Our Complete Guide to Hiring is a 33-page resource with everything you need to get started hiring! Gain access to a worksheets to get you started, a guide with samples on how to write your description, additional places to post your job, vetting tools, interview questions, and 5 templates (including an offer letter!) that are ready for you to take and implement right away!  


We know that there is a lot to sift through when determining what is best as you are building your team! If you are finding yourself with more questions than answers, please reach out to The Abundance Group! You can find us on Instagram @theabundancegroup

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