The Complete Guide to Hiring a Team is for you if...

You feel stuck when it comes to kicking off the process of hiring someone great for your team.

You don't feel like you have a good grasp on figuring out where to post your job description listings or what to say in those postings.

You're unsure of how to vet certain candidates, and how to truly know if they are right for your company.

You have hired some team members in the past and haven't gotten great results.

You want to save time in the hiring process and have a prewritten template for each step of the process.

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What will I learn when I purchase The Complete Guide to Hiring a Team?

With the Hiring Guide, you’ll learn our 6-step process to hiring a team.

Our 33-page guide will walk you through the key steps of hiring your team, with topics like building your job description, posting the job, deciding who to interview, how to conduct an interview, how to actually hire your new team member, and important next steps.

And, we’ll make your team-building journey even easier with 5 easy-to-customize, copy-and-paste templates for:

A sample job post

A vetting tool for interviews

20 questions to ask in the interview

A sample offer letter

And a sample letter for rejecting a candidate

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that each step of your hiring process has been vetted and honed for a seamless experience for both you and your applicants.

You’ll save countless hours posting in Facebook communities or Googling aimlessly to attract the right kinds of applicants. 

We're Ashley, Dale, and Kayla

While Ashley's wedding planning business has grown into a team of over 40 planners across 10 states - grossing over $5 million in sales (and counting), it definitely didn't start that way.

Once her workload had outgrown the number of hours available in the day, Ashley knew the only way to grow her business and regain a sense of balance was to grow a team. Sound familiar?

Luckily, Ashley's dad, Dale, a highly-coveted leadership development coach for some of the largest fortune 500 companies, was there to guide her in scaling the company she's built today.

Along the way, they found that they needed to grow their team at TAG. This is where Kayla comes in. A former public school teacher, reformer of education law, and entrepreneur herself was just what this team needed so they begged her to come aboard and have lovingly referred to her as the adopted daughter in this now trio! 

We love coaching small business owners through the process of building a team and we are known to have quite a bit of fun doing it! 

Their motto is - Build Your Team. Live Your Dream. They want to help 15,000 service based business owners do just that!

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