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You'll find resources to help you build your team, work less, and make more as you grow your business. We hope these resources will help you on your journey of building a team, and that you'll reach out to us if we can provide additional support.  Enjoy!


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SOPs, standard operating procedures, are critical when establishing your team. They ensure that everyone works like a well-oiled machine and they ensure that things can run smoothly without your eyes on every task being handled. Yet, despite the extreme importance of them, they can seem quite daunting. Where do you start? How do you start? […]

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You’ve heard the cheesy phrase, “There’s no I in team” but we disagree. Here you are…you, yourself, a team of one. You started with a vision, you put in the good work, you wore many hats, and now you have created an unbelievable business. As time has progressed, you have come to find that the […]

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We are firm believers in the idea that you should continue working on your business no matter how successful things are! Many people hear this and think “how will I have time for professional development?” The honest answer? You have to MAKE time. Imagine setting aside two hours a week (that is 17 minutes a […]

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Congratulations! You have built a small business and everything is going far better than you ever dreamed! However, you are finding yourself burning the candle at both ends. You are tired, you are putting in 100 hour work weeks, you miss your family, and you feel a bit stuck. Allow this to be the nudge […]

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Hey Boss! You are in charge! You’ve built an incredible vision, turned it into a reality, hired a strong team, established SOPs, and now you are hitting your monthly and yearly goals which is absolutely incredible. But how do you continue to nurture that powerhouse of a team so that your team receives the feedback […]

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There’s a super thin line between what makes someone an independent contractor or an employee, which can make it really confusing when you are determining between the two. So how do you decide who to add to your team? Do you hire an employee? Do you hire an independent contractor? It can get pretty overwhelming! We […]

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At The Abundance Group, we are often asked the big question, “What costs can I expect to pay if I hire employees?” We feel the uncertainty as creative business owners determine if they should build a team or not. Trust me, we get it because we understand that money is a big factor when determining if […]

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Being a wedding planner can be a super draining career, especially once you start becoming booked to the max! Planning for a team is inevitable (and a little tip of the day: we recommend doing so when you’ve reached 30% client capacity). One-half of The Abundance Group, Ashley, is the founder of her own wedding […]

The Abundance Group


At The Abundance Group (TAG), we know how to help you build a dependable, efficient team —
because we’ve built our own and helped hundreds others build theirs.

While Ashley's wedding planning business has grown into a team of over 30 planners across 6 locations - grossing over $5.5 million in sales (and counting), it definitely didn't start that way.

Once her workload had outgrown the number of hours available in the day, Ashley knew the only way to grow her business and regain a sense of balance was to grow a team. Sound familiar?

Luckily, Ashley's dad, Dale, a highly-coveted leadership development coach for some of the largest fortune 500 companies, was there to guide her in scaling the company she's built today.

After 8 years of scaling her business, The Simply Elegant Group, and over a quaint dinner (cheeseburgers of course, Dale’s favorite) they realized that the next chapter of both of their careers was surrounding small business owners and getting them the support they deserved. So they started to pursue two dreams at once, coaching small business owners around their teams, and starting a business together.

The Abundance Group isn't just a coaching company, it's a life long passion project for two entrepreneurs whose heart is to give the sense of freedom to as many small businesses as possible.