How to Streamline Your Wedding Business Using Trello

There’s one thing that every business needs, regardless of the industry, and that’s a project management tool. They’re important for keeping up with tasks that need to be completed, and it allows you to have all of your processes and workflows in one place, which is extremely helpful for wedding professionals.

There are many different options out there for project management tools, but one that’s especially budget-friendly and user-friendly is Trello. The layout is clean and simple, and you’re able to keep track of client processes, tasks, files, and more all in one place. Today, we’ll be going over the main features of Trello and how you can utilize it to keep your wedding business organized!

All About Trello


Trello has three main components: boards, lists, and cards. Each board can represent whichever project you’d like. You could have a board for each client, a board for your daily or weekly goals, a board for your workflows and processes, etc.; the content that’s within the boards are up to your personal preference. There’s also the option to have public boards, personal boards, and boards that you share with a team.


Within each board are lists, which is where you can list out different topics. For example, if you have a board for weekly tasks, you could have three lists: “To-Do”, “Doing”, and “Done”. Within the lists are cards, which is where you can put each individual task.


Inside of each card is where your options are really amped up. You can add members to the card and communicate and share files back and forth with each other via comments. You can also add a label of your choosing. In the example below, we named the red label “Important”, so it’s easy to distinguish between high- and low-priority tasks. There are also checklists you can add within each card in case you have a task that has smaller to-dos nestled within it. More features include adding a due date to a card, file attachments, cover photo or color, and power-ups.

Power-ups are just another way to beef up your board and even add some automation within Trello. There are tons of power-up categories, like analytics and reporting, automation, board utilities, communication and collaboration, developer tools, HR and operations, marketing and social media, and more. The only catch to power-ups is that in order to use most, you’d need to upgrade to a business plan. However, one of the best power-ups is free: calendar view. So, if you like to view your tasks in a calendar layout instead, you can easily do so while still having a free account.

There are also actions you can take inside each card. You can move it to another board or list, copy it, make a template from that card (especially useful for recurring tasks), archive it, or share with others.

How to Use Trello for Your Wedding Business

Because Trello is so versatile, the different ways you can use it are endless. However, because they’re endless, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to figure out where to start. So, here are some ideas to use for boards:

Client Board

Instead of having a board for each client, you could have a board for all of your client processes. Inside, name your lists after each client, and keep up with their processes inside of cards.

Personal To-Dos

As in the example above, have a board just for your personal to-dos. You can lay them out weekly, daily, monthly, etc.

Business Goals

Create lists of your daily, weekly, and monthly goals inside of a board. Then, create a list for goals that you’ve accomplished. The feeling of coming back to it and getting to drag a card to your “accomplished” list is triumphant.

Blog Schedule

Create lists of each month, and then create cards of your blog posts for those months. Inside the cards, you can list out your usual blog workflow and check it off as you go.

Pro-tip: Create one card and make a template of it so you don’t have to re-type the same workflow for each card.

Social Media Schedule

Similarly to your blog schedule, create lists of each month and add cards to those months of social media post ideas.

Vision Board

Create a board of solely images and quotes that motivate you and inspire you to reach your goals. By adding attachments within cards, those images show up on the overall board view, so your board becomes a great collage of all of your inspirational images!

Marketing Board

Keep track of your marketing plan inside of a marketing board. Create lists for different categories of marketing, like social media, publications, paid advertisement, email marketing, collateral, etc., and then create cards for your marketing ideas, so you can keep track of each one’s progress.

The best part about Trello (aside from it being free) is that you can make it into whatever suits you best. You get to choose how to lay out your workflows and processes in whatever style is easiest for you to keep track of.

Whether you choose to go with Trello or another project management tool, having a way to streamline your systems is always important to keep your business organized and on-track. If you’re unsure where to start when creating systems and processes for your wedding business, check out this blog post.

Do you use Trello for your wedding business? What are your favorite boards? Let us know in our Instagram DMs!


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