How to Market Your Wedding Business on a Budget

Finding ways to get your business out there when you’re either just starting out or on a limited budget is a struggle that every business faces. If you don’t have hundreds of dollars ready to spend on marketing tactics, such as Facebook ads, it’s easy to feel discouraged.

However, there are numerous ways to market your wedding business, both organically and very low-cost, which is what we’ll be going over today!

Go Social

Social media, particularly Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, is the most popular marketing platform these days for most businesses. Aside from paying for Ads or promotional content, organic marketing is not only helpful but necessary for building trusting relationships with your audience.

Try to keep your feed within the 80/20 rule– 80% of your posts will be sharing value or showcasing other vendors, while 20% is promotional. Think of it this way: Would you continue to follow someone if all they did was sell, sell, and sell some more? 

While you’re sharing valuable content, it’s also important to constantly engage with your audience. Set aside some time after each post to reply to comments and engage back with your followers. You can also do this by visiting hashtag feeds related to your industry and leaving genuine comments on a handful of posts under each.

Keep in mind that marketing will be different depending on the platform, so cater your marketing efforts to each. Pinterest is a visual search engine, so keywords and graphics are most important. Instagram’s focus is pretty pictures and shareable graphics. Facebook is where longer posts are more appropriate. However, with each, always make sure your messaging is speaking directly to your target audience.

Start an Email List

A huge difference between marketing on other platforms and having an email list is that this platform is yours. You “own” your subscribers, and you can confidently know that these are people who are interested in hearing more about your business or else they wouldn’t have subscribed in the first place! 

Now, just because you’re able to market directly to a warm audience doesn’t mean you should astray from a similar 80/20 rule as with social media. Focus on continuing to provide value to your email list if applicable. Also, avoid sending emails too frequently, which is one of the top reasons people unsubscribe from newsletters. Once a week or every few days is often enough to let your subscribers know what’s going on in your business, with the exception of promotional periods. Then, it’s okay and understandable to email more often than usual.

Showcase Testimonials and Reviews

The best way to prove that you not only talk the talk but walk the walk is by showing what others have said about their experience(s) with you. Showcase testimonials on your website and social media pages, and don’t be afraid to ask clients or customers to leave a review on your Facebook page, Google My Business page, or to simply email it to you with the understanding that you will use it on your platforms.

Blogging May Be a Great Idea

The reason why so many businesses choose to have a blog is because there is so much opportunity that comes from it. By making sure your posts are SEO-optimized and full of keywords and value, you have the opportunity to climb Google’s ranks and generate more traffic to your website.

Blogging also opens the door to guest blogging on someone else’s website, having a post featured by a publication, signing up for affiliate marketing, and more. If you haven’t considered utilizing the opportunities that blogging gives your business, it may be time to start!

Don’t Stress About Your Budget

Above all, it’s most important to never worry or feel discouraged about not having a large budget to invest in marketing. Many wedding professionals see great success by doing things the organic way, and your business is no exception. Your opportunities for growth are limitless, even on a limited budget.


How to Market Your Wedding Business on a Budget

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