Goal Setting Examples

This final blog post of 2019 on goal setting will be a little different. Here we are simply going to provide you some examples, and examples of structures, to help you think through and create your business goals for 2020.  We hope these help you create powerful and valuable goals that work well for you and that are right for you!



Results-based goals:

  • Book (and deliver) 25% more weddings in 2020, while maintaining my current pricing structure.
  • Hit $50,000 in gross sales in 2020, and book 75% of that business by March 1st.
  • Double the number of positive reviews, ratings and testimonials I have on my website and [advertising platform] by July 2020.

Activity-based goals:

  • Attend 15 industry networking events (or have 1-on-1 conversations) each month for the next 6 months.
  • Invest enough time to truly understand who my ‘ideal client’ is and how to communicate the value of what I provide to them. Get this work done early enough so that I can use it to book more couples in 2020.
  • Develop an ongoing marketing plan that consistently delivers the number of inquiries I need each season to book all the clients I want.




  • In 2020, shorten the time it takes to complete the client on-boarding process by 25% using better processes and tools.
  • For the 2020 busy season, establish internal time management standards that ensure every wedding has at least a 15% profit margin.


  • [Photographer] Reduce the amount of my time it takes to shoot, edit and deliver my clients wedding photos by hiring a high-quality photo editing partner.
  • Select and begin using an automated CRM (customer relationship management) system this engagement season, to reduce the cost and amount of time required to book and manage clients in 2020.
  • Document our 3 key processes, and (re)train all team members to ensure ongoing high-quality client service.



  • Hire and train 3 more team members to assist in serving our clients in 2020.
  • In 2020, train all team members on how to handle difficult client situations.
  • Build out a standard team member on-boarding process in 2020.



  • Increase my net profit (take-home pay) from my business by 25% in 2020.
  • Increase my investment in marketing by $2,500, in 2020, with the objective of booking 5 more couples.
  • Maintain at least $15,000 in my business bank account at all times (to protect me from any financial ‘emergencies’).
  • Identify and begin tracking key metrics in marketing/sales, operations, and finances for 2020.


So, we encourage you to set your goals, build those action plans to achieve them, and expect absolutely amazing success in 2020.

-Dale & Ashley

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