Exceptional Client Experience… Know and Provide What They Value MOST

Exceptional Client Experience…

Know and Provide What They Value MOST!

As vendors in the wedding world we’re always busy, am I right? That ‘busy’ can often be caused by our desire to be everything to everybody. We try to do everything we can to satisfy our clients, give them an over-the-top experience. And it’s that ‘everything’ that causes us anxiety, stress and all those sleepless nights.

By the way, something we need to understand about being busy. Study after study have concluded that ‘busy’ is the #1 enemy of accurate thinking and sound decision-making. In other words, that fact that we’re busy hampers our ability to make good decisions and necessary adjustments in our business. (You know, the whole “I’m so busy I can’t even think straight!” In fact, that’s proven physiologically. Like, in our brains.) Instead, we simply work harder and harder doing exactly the same things over and over again.

So how can we stop being crazy busy, while providing an even better client experience?



How can we do that? Fortunately, the answer is actually quite simple. It all comes down to knowing what our clients value most and focusing almost exclusively on that. We don’t need to try to provide ‘everything’. Instead we can simply focus our time and energy on what truly matters to our clients.

This requires us to really know our clients and what they value most and what they actually care about. We need to understand if they want us to get back to them immediately when they reach out to us, or if they prefer that we contact them once we have the answer to their question (or the solution to their issue or concern). We need to know if they prioritize cost over quality or vice versa. And it’s a cop out for our clients to say, “I want it all”, because everyone really does prioritize these things. There really are things they want most.  

When we take the time to think about it, we’re often shocked to realize all the time we waste doing things for our clients that they don’t even notice or certainly don’t really care about.

So, the first step is really identifying the clients that we want to work with. The ones we truly enjoy working with. When we think about it, if our marketing efforts actually work, we’re going to be getting leads and clients. Doesn’t it make sense to get the ones we want? Well we’re the only one who can determine who they are!

After we have identified those clients, we want to understand who they are and what they care about. We’re no longer going to try to be everything to everyone. So now we want to learn how to be ‘exactly what our ideal clients want’. That’s different. That’s intentional. And that’s AMAZING, once we do the work to make it happen!




Exceptional Client Experience…Know and Provide What They Value MOST!


We can’t be everything to everyone.  When we nail down our ideal client, their ideal client experience and figure out what they value the most, we can offer them an unmatched experience!  



This part is simple, too. Ask! Think about the clients you most enjoyed working with, and the ones that most enjoyed working with you. There’s usually a close match between these two lists. (The one’s we liked working with usually liked working with us, too!) Then simply find time to ask they what about your product or service they valued most, what they really liked about what you did.

Also, ask them about what wasn’t as important to them.  Be ready for them at first to say ‘everything’ was important. If you get that response, simply ask them to rank the different aspects of what you do. Did they like, or value, your responsiveness? Your ideas? Your personality? They quality, price, amount…, what?



This part is short and sweet. Once you know what your favorite clients value most, you can then simply adjust how (and sometimes what) you provide your products and/or services. You’ll find that you will stop doing a number of things. You will only need to focus on the aspects of what you do that they care about and stop wasting time on all the other stuff! How does that sound?

Be careful not to think you’re too busy to do this. Taking the time to learn this super important information will be the key to unlocking the solution to your ‘busy’!


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