26 Lead Magnet Ideas for Wedding Pros

It’s no secret that email lists are one of the best marketing tactics a business could have. Not only is that audience “yours”, but you know that they’re dedicated followers who actually want to hear from you, learn more about what you do, and stay updated with what’s new in your business. It’s one of the best ways to build a relationship with your audience in a more intimate and personal way.

What is A Lead Magnet?

You get people on your email list through opt-ins, but most importantly, through interesting lead magnets. The name is just what it sounds like– a magnet to attract leads, in this case, to your list. A lead magnet could be almost anything, but it should serve as an incentive for someone to join your list. Think of it as a free gift in exchange for space in their inbox, which from the perspective of a business owner, should feel like an honor to be allowed access to such a sacred place. You may also hear it commonly referred to as a “freebie”, “opt-in”, or “tripwire”.

26 Lead Magnet Ideas for Wedding Professionals

1. Email Course

A free email course is an amazing way to grab sign-ups as well as provide extra value directly to your audience’s inbox. They’re typically 5-7 days and jam packed with amazing value, but they can be however long on any topic you want.

2. Webinar

Free webinars are also a perfect way to not only get people on your list, but they’re an easy way to connect even further with your physical “presence” as well as introducing your upsell. You can outline and train your potential couples around a topic you’re an expert in.

3. Access to Your Closed Facebook Group

If you have a private Facebook group as well, it could be a great idea to incentivize joining your list in exchange for the link to your closed or secret group.

4. Wedding Decor Checklist

For couples that think they want to plan their weddings themselves, a complete checklist of decor items they might need could be the perfect incentive. (Although this may seem counterproductive, a couple seeing the complete list of everything they need may be enough to convince them to hire you as their planner).

5. Ultimate Vendor and Venue List

If you focus on serving local couples and live in a large city with many vendor and venue options, create a free list of those vendors and venues. You can also refer couples to your vendor friends this way!

6. Vendor Checklist

A checklist of all the vendors a couple could need for their wedding.

7. Wedding Planning Timeline

Again, for couples that think they want to plan their own weddings, a timeline and checklist of things that need to be done leading up to and after their wedding day.

8. Emergency Kit Checklist

A checklist of all the items that should be brought on their wedding day in case something goes wrong.

9. Discount Code

What better way to encourage list sign-ups than giving a special discount code to save money off of your product or service?

10. Giveaways

Did you know you can host giveaways via email? Whether you choose to do them monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc., hosting giveaways are the perfect way to drive traffic to your list. A successful giveaway we often from photographers, for example, is a free engagement shoot.

11. E-books

You could create a PDF eBook around a topic you’re knowledgeable about to teach your viewers. It doesn’t have to be too lengthy, especially if it’s free. Think of an average blog post, just a little more beefy.

12. Gift Ideas for the Bridal Party

Couples could always use a list of gift ideas to give their bridal party as a thank you for being in their wedding. Bonus if you provide links to where they can purchase those items!

13. Checklist of What to Do After Getting Married

You know all of those small things that need to be done after getting married, like changing last names, updating social security cards, etc.? Put those in a checklist.

14. Color Palette Ideas

Put together a pretty PDF of different color palette ideas and inspiration.

15. Wedding Decor Ideas

Similar to the Wedding Decor Checklist, this could serve as a list of detail-oriented decor ideas for a specific wedding theme (Which means you could create multiple for different themes!)

16. Quiz

Who doesn’t love a good quiz? Bonus points if you can make it intentional, really meant to serve them in a larger way. For example, TAG has a “What’s Your Wedding Pro Persona?” quiz, meant to pinpoint exactly what kind of wedding pro you are. Not only is it engaging and fun, but it helps us better serve our members due to the thought and strategy we put behind it.

17. Must-Have Shot List for Couples or Bridal Party

If you’re a wedding photographer, put together a guide with photo examples (if you have permission from past clients) of some of the best poses for couples or the bridal party.

18. What Not to Forget Checklist

Similarly to a checklist of things needed on the big day, compile a checklist of items that tend to be forgotten but that come in handy on the day of the wedding.

19. Email Templates

Because the couples are going to be doing tons of reaching out to each vendor during the planning process, create a small library of email templates for all of the things they’re going to need to say and ask their vendors during the initial inquiry about their services.

20. List of Honeymoon Locations

Create a list of different honeymoon destinations couples could visit. If you can, try to find locations that are less-known, yet still just as dreamy as more common locations.

21. Wedding Trend Report

Everyone loves to see what’s expected of next year’s weddings in terms of trends. Not only are they fun to look at, they can help other wedding industry professionals figure out what to expect.

22. Tipping Guide

People are always wondering what the heck to tip their vendors! Create a free tipping guide to help.

23. Planning FAQ

Instead of putting together a checklist for couples who want to plan, you could also put together a FAQ that will address the questions you get asked a ton.

24. Top Ten Tips to Hire Your [DJ, Venue, etc.]

This works great regardless of your niche. You can compile a list of the top ten (or so) tips to hiring XYZ vendor.

25. Top Ten Questions to Ask Your Vendors

Similar to the top ten tips, this one focuses on the top ten questions couples should ask each of their vendors to help them decide who to go with.

26. Floral Directory

Many couples aren’t sure on the names of certain flowers, so having a directory with images, names, their uses, etc. could be super helpful for them.

What to Do After Getting All of These Leads

Once someone joins your list, what’s next? You certainly can’t deliver their freebie and leave them hanging! This is where they join your welcome sequence, which is a series of emails intended to do a few things: 1. Introduce yourself and your business, 2. Connect with them, and 3. Introduce the upsell. There are usually about 7-9 emails in a welcome sequence delivered everyday or every couple of days, but you certainly don’t have to send that many. The most important thing is that you’re following up after they receive your freebie to at least introduce your business and connect with them. You could ask them to reply to your email telling you a bit about themselves as well, which is a great way to engage directly with your audience.

So, create your freebie, connect with your audience, and get to building those lasting relationships, and you’ll see tremendous results in your business!


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