Testimonials from past Building Your Team Intensive students

With results like these, what could be possible for your business by growing your team?

We know it's a big step to finally take action to grow your team, and we know it's an investment to join one of our programs - one that we don't take lightly!  To help ease your mind, take a look through some of our past intensive members' experiences below.  Could yours be our next team-building success story?  We hope so!

Don't just take our word for it...

"Ashley, Dale, and Kayla cultivated such a supportive group of entrepreneurs and have such vast experience in lots of industries"

Sydney - Garvey Gardens

"Easily digestible weekly lessons so you can actually understand what's required to go from a business of one to building a high performance team!"

Christina- Happily Hitched

"Joining the Intensive has been one of the best decisions I've made for my business. Now, I have a clear roadmap to guide me through the process."

DESIREE - Devoted Wolf Events

"My fears subsided and I was able to get past my "what if's"! I HIGHLY recommend these amazing people to those looking to grow build their businesses!"

Krista- Devascos Daughters

"They seriously thought of everything for this course, and the tools they have provided are invaluable. This course is a no-brainer!"

Krista - Weddings with a twist

"The Intensive was the answer to my prayers and future plans. They encouraged us to not be afraid to implement while learning. I'm doing it!"

Irene - Tyndale Weddings

student love

"I had a very limiting belief on my ability to manage other people."

Meet Sara! She's an incredible human, a thoughtful strategist, and an inspiration to all. She is an incredible SEO strategist and has been amazed by the power of leadership, delegation, and developing systems in her business: Sara Does SEO. 

You can ask anything and they will answer. They will even check in on you later. That is service and friendship that I do not think any other support program gives. 

Penny - Blessed Magnolia

"They showed me just how easy it is to build a profitable team. Their way of teaching is something I have never experienced and Dale's financial guidance is unmatched!"

Amanda- Sokoe Social

"You'll confidently walk away with direction and real hope that you can really buy your time back!"

Ivan- Amssan Photography

"The Intensive was the ultimate resource to answer questions of all capacities about the myriad of facets to running a team."

Cayla - Carhart Photography

"They demystified the entire process from needing to hire a team through managing a successful team, and made it, dare I say, fun?!"

Kay- Northrup Events

"I do not think that I would be where I am at with my team if it wasn't for this course. I am now confident interviewing and love my training process!"

Liz- COurtney Photo

student love

"I've reduced the overall hours that I am working!"

Meet Maggie! She is the brilliant mind behind Ad Astra Events in Nashville and has run with the content we've given her to build a highly effective team that allows her to live the life she desires while working less hours each week! We adore her!

"I am more prepared from a financial, process, and legal perspective. I have crafted a clear onboarding process that will set my future team up for success."

Patrice- Purposely Designed

"Before the Intensive, I was just trying to wrap my head around IF I wanted to build a team and grow. Now, managing my team is my favorite part of my job!" 

Jenny- RosePop Parties

"Had I not taken this course I would still be wasting time trying to figure it out myself. This saved me a headache and allowed me to be more effective much quicker."

Nikki - Knoble Events

"After going through the Intensive, I confidently hired several team members and we  completed more events than my business ever had in one year."

Christa - Graham Events

"I just finished finances for 2022 (yay taxes..) and for 2023 - so far this year I'm set to make 4x the profit I did last year and we're only one month in!"

Rochelle- R&J events

"I loved my experience with the group. It inspired me to do better, serve better and have the tools I was lacking to take my business to the next level."

Andi- Musa Weddings