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Building a business alone takes grit.

Building the team you need to scale just takes guidance.

You’ve worked hard enough. It's time to make more money in your business without taking on more work.

When you’re building a business as an entrepreneur, the work week can feel less like 40 hours and more like 400. The harder you hustle, it seems like your goals are getting further away instead of closer. 

You dreamed of owning a business that gave you a better life, not one that drained the life out of you.

At The Abundance Group, we believe you deserve a team of awesome people surrounding you and making things happen—people who catch the vision for your business and put their talent to work for it.

We want you to know how to find, train, and trust these competent people so you can scale your business. 

Yes, building a team for your business can multiply revenue so you can breathe and reclaim your life without sacrificing your income. In fact, some of our students have quadrupled their income after building a team for their business!


"This program will thoughtfully guide you through a holistic hiring process - covering everything you’ve likely thought about, and more importantly, everything you don’t even know you should be thinking about. If you’re ready to grow your team, don’t do it without Ashley and Dale by your side!"

- Sarah B.

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Our Story

Today, the Abundance Group is led by daughter/dad duo, Ashley Ebert & Dale Henry, and the wonderful Kayla Depoian. We understand what you're going through because we've walked your path.

While Ashley's wedding planning business has grown into a team of over 40 planners across 10 states - grossing over $5.5 million in sales (and counting), it definitely didn't start that way.

Once her workload had outgrown the number of hours available in the day, Ashley knew the only way to grow her business and regain a sense of balance was to grow a team. Sound familiar?

Luckily, Ashley's dad, Dale, a highly-coveted leadership development coach for some of the largest fortune 500 companies, was there to guide her in scaling the company she's built today.

Along the way, they found that they needed to grow their team at TAG. This is where Kayla comes in. A former public school teacher, reformer of education law, and entrepreneur herself was just what this team needed so they begged her to come aboard and have lovingly referred to her as the adopted daughter in this now trio! 

We love coaching small business owners through the process of building a team and we are known to have quite a bit of fun doing it! 

Their motto is - Build Your Team. Live Your Dream. They want to help 15,000 service based business owners do just that!

Today, Ashley, Dale, and Kayla are helping other creatives (like you!) build teams so they can stop trading time for money and build the legacies they've dreamt of.

About Ashley

We’re glad you found The Abundance Group – and you probably got here, or heard about us, through Ashley.
She’s the quintessence PEOPLE person. She loves PEOPLE. She is all about helping and adding value to People. Whether she’s making key connections for you in the industry; helping you build valuable relationships yourself; or teaching you how to give people around you what they crave. 
She’s used her PEOPLE skills to build a multi-location, national wedding planning business with a team of 40 (and growing), along with business partnerships with over 450 talented business owners throughout the country.
Our community loves her because her love language is PEOPLE. Encouraging them, painting a picture of their amazing future, helping them build teams that help them buy-back their time while increasing their income.

About Dale

We are so excited for you to meet the amazing Dale Henry - in charge of all things Planning here at TAG. He is THE person to know when it comes to affording a team, financial forecasting, building your dream life, and everything in between.

Dale is THE go to person for all things related to Planning and Business Strategy because he has been hired by over 50 Fortune 500 companies along with countless small and mid-sized businesses to improve the performance and lives of over 1.2 million people (I know). He's been named a Master Human Capital Strategist by the international Human Capital Institute, and is also a founding partner with Maxwell Leadership. Yes, he is a big deal! 

Our community loves him because Dale has a gift for erasing your overwhelm, challenging you to think creatively, bringing humor through his infamous Dale Jokes, and knowing how to meet you right where you are at. With Dale on your side, you’ll be able to harness the skills, confidence, and excitement you need to take your business to the next level! 

About Kayla

Meet the amazing Kayla Depoian - in charge of all things Process here at TAG. She is your gal when it comes to building systems in your business, crushing those overwhelming SOPs, building incredible training plans and everything in between.

Not only was Kayla a former educator in the public school system, but she also helped fight for new laws for pre-service teachers in the state of Minnesota. She helped pave the way for a new process for teachers to be licensed that fixed biased and unreliable processes that had been place. She is the queen of building processes and knows how to keep people on track! 

Beyond that - she understands entrepreneurship because she owned her own business before we begged her to be a full-time coach at TAG. Her husband Chris has also been an entrepreneur for over 10 years!

Our community loves her because she is truly one of the most empathic, kind, and collaborative humans you will ever meet. They love that she is always there, proactively checking in on them and making them feel truly supported by someone who cares for their success. 

Kayla is truly one in a million and we are SO HONORED to have her as a coach here at The Abundance Group.

Don’t just survive the journey to your dream, enjoy it!

Being a great leader, letting go and trusting your team, avoiding high price tag mistakes - we’ve got everything covered to set you up for success when building your team. With expert guidance knocking out the worries of building a team, you can enjoy a renewed sense of excitement for your business — and finally start living your dream of abundance.

Here's how...

Apply for the INtensive.

We focus on creative entrepreneurs and small business owners who are serious about building a team. If that’s you, join the waitlist now so you don't miss out.


Growing a team is challenging and exhilarating. We're here to guide you in taking steps towards your goals, without pressure to get it perfect on your own from the start.

Build your team.


Once you have a well-built team you can count on, your workload decreases while your income increases. Finally become that business owner who takes weekends off with family.

Reclaim your Dream.

Build your Team!

Building a team isn't for everyone.

If you’re not sure if you and your business are ready for a team, then watch our free training! We show you how to build a team the right way while addressing your biggest questions and concerns.

Watch the training


Looking for speakers for your next conference, workshop, retreat, or chapter meet up?  We'd love to share the power of scaling businesses through team building with your community!

Popular speaking topics include:

Affording a Team: How to Navigate the Overwhelm and Ensure You Always Make Payroll

Unstoppable Leadership: 4 Lessons to Learn to Maximize Your Positive Influence

Trust: Building a Team You Can Depend On Without Micro-Managing

The Five Most Common Mistakes When Building a Team

Team Training: How to Build Simple Yet Effective SOPs

Finding Talent: Where to Look and How to Interview to Find the Perfect Team Member

Have something else in mind?  We'd also be happy to curate a topic perfect for your unique community.  Reach out to discuss your upcoming event today!

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