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At The Abundance Group (TAG), we know how to help you build a dependable, efficient team —
because we’ve built our own and helped hundreds others build theirs.

While Ashley's wedding planning business has grown into a team of over 25 planners across 4 states - grossing over $5 million in sales (and counting), it definitely didn't start that way.

Once her workload had outgrown the number of hours available in the day, Ashley knew the only way to grow her business and regain a sense of balance was to grow a team. Sound familiar?

Luckily, Ashley's dad, Dale, a highly-coveted leadership development coach for some of the largest fortune 500 companies, was there to guide her in scaling the company she's built today.

After 8 years of scaling her business, The Simply Elegant Group, and over a quaint dinner (cheeseburgers of course, Dale’s favorite) they realized that the next chapter of both of their careers was surrounding small business owners and getting them the support they deserved. So they started to pursue two dreams at once, coaching small business owners around their teams, and starting a business together.

The Abundance Group isn't just a coaching company, it's a life long passion project for two entrepreneurs whose heart is to give the sense of freedom to as many small businesses as possible.


"This program will thoughtfully guide you through a holistic hiring process - covering everything you’ve likely thought about, and more importantly, everything you don’t even know you should be thinking about. If you’re ready to grow your team, don’t do it without Ashley and Dale by your side!"

- Sarah B.

student love

"Before working with The Abundance Group I didn't want to be a boss...

Now after I have gone through the Intensive, TAG showed me that the way I was previously trained to be a boss isn't the only way and that I can be kind and empathetic and still be a boss. I cannot wait to hire my team!"

Megan - Ramos Events

"I struggled with the competence of my own ability to do build a team and be a good leader...

This was one of the best decisions I have made for my business. Ashley and Dale really care about their members and genuinely want you to succeed! The Abundance Group really lives up to its name!"

Kristy - weddings by kristy

"I couldn't have done it without this incredible program!"

Before the BYT Intensive, I was unsure of how to start building my team. But now, after the program, I am more prepared for a financial, process, and legal perspective, and I have been able to craft a clear onboarding process that will set my future team up for success. 

Patrice - Purposely Designed

"Ashley and Dale are a dynamic duo! They seriously thought of everything for this course!

The tools they have provided are invaluable and I'm so excited to implement everything I have learned to continue to build a larger team and continue to strengthen my already existing team. If you are looking to build a team, this course is a no brainer!"

Krista - Weddings with a twist

"Joining the Intensive has been one of the best decisions I've made for my business. 

Before joining, I felt so overwhelmed with the thought of hiring and onboarding. Now, I have a clear roadmap to guide me through the process and a support system available every step of the way!"

Desiree - devoted wolf events

"I have taken a few intensives in my day and no other program has given the take-aways like TAG did.

I really needed a program with tools to grow my team, learn the options I had with the team, and really approach my business in a smart way to set myself up for success. Ashley and Dale balance each other perfectly in this program; I felt like I was getting a 2-in-1 approach."

Michelle - Urban events Co.

"From practical tools to mindset and brainstorming opportunities, it was a comprehensive training on how to be successful with a team.

This was one of the best business decisions I have made so far! I was at the very beginning stages of having a team when I started it, and Ashley and Dale went through everything I needed to set my company up the best way for my vision."

Jenny - Rosepop Parties

"This program is a true blessing and a resource that I can refer back to as I add new team members and continue to dream big.

I knew that if I wanted to scale up without losing my mind and also service my clients well, I needed to bring in some help. Ashley and Dale covered all of the bases from mindset, to hiring, to leadership skills...they were an open book with NO FLUFF!"

Janel - Creating joy events

"I was flying by the seat of my pants in the first 6 years of running my wedding planning business, but once Ashley introduced TAG, I knew I had to jump in!

I trusted Ashley because of the successful businesses she’s worked on outside of TAG. My business has grown and added new team members since my TAG investment! I’m so grateful I joined!"

Laine - Laine Palm Planning

"I highly recommend investing in TAG.

When I first started my business, I had no idea what I was really getting myself into. And now that I’m a working mom, I want to make decisions that are smart for my business and family. Having a mentor like Ashley to run to with dire questions while gaining direction and confidence was imperative to my business success."

Josey - Sixpence events

Kind words from students like you.

Meet Ashley

We’re glad you found The Abundance Group – and you probably got here, or heard about us, through Ashley.
She’s the quintessential PEOPLE person. She loves PEOPLE. She is all about helping and adding value to others. Whether she’s making key connections for you in the industry; helping you build valuable relationships yourself; or teaching you how to build the team that you deserve
She built her wedding planning company, The Simply Elegant Group, into a multi-location, team of 40 planners (and growing). They have grossed over 5.5 million in sales, and are on track in 2024 to have a million dollar year. Ashley and her team have partnerships with over 450 talented vendors throughout the country.
Our community loves her because she will be your biggest cheerleader, painting a picture of their amazing future, helping them build teams that help them buy-back their time while increasing their income.

We are so excited for you to meet the amazing Dale Henry - in charge of all things Planning here at TAG. He is THE person to know when it comes to affording a team, financial forecasting, building your dream life, and everything in between.

Dale is THE go to person for all things related to Planning and Business Strategy because he has been hired by over 50 Fortune 500 companies along with countless small and mid-sized businesses to improve the performance and lives of over 1.2 million people (I know). He's been named a Master Human Capital Strategist by the international Human Capital Institute, and is also a founding partner with Maxwell Leadership. Yes, he is a big deal! 

Our community loves him because Dale has a gift for erasing your overwhelm, challenging you to think creatively, bringing humor through his infamous Dale Jokes, and knowing how to meet you right where you are at. With Dale on your side, you’ll be able to harness the skills, confidence, and excitement you need to take your business to the next level! 

Meet Dale

Speaking Topics

We can speak on many different topics surrounding teams.

We love everything teams here at the abundance group But here are just a few of our most popular talks:

The #1 Secret to Building High Performing Teams.

What's Your Leadership Style? Leverage Temperaments to Revolutionize Your Company Culture.

The Five Most Common Mistakes When Building a Trustworthy Team.

How to NOT be a Bad Boss: 3 Steps to Becoming the Leader that Your Business Needs.

Book TAG for a presentation your attendees will never forget!

At TAG we are so passionate about helping small business owners find freedom in building their teams. We have spoken at countless events in front of thousands of business owners. If you are interested in booking a speaker from The Abundance Group, connect with us on our contact page to inquire!

Please note that TAG speaking fees start at $3,000 + travel and accommodations.

This is just a small sampling of business owners we have helped:


Who we have helped

Don’t just survive the journey to your dream, enjoy it!

Being a great leader, letting go and trusting your team, avoiding high price tag mistakes - we’ve got everything covered to set you up for success when building your team. With expert guidance knocking out the worries of building a team, you can enjoy a renewed sense of excitement for your business — and finally start living your dream of abundance.

Here's how...

Take the quiz.

As you move through your journey of building a team, knowing you own leadership style is so important. Make sure you take our leadership style quiz to find out!


Growing a team is challenging and exhilarating. We're here to guide you in taking steps towards your goals, without pressure to get it perfect on your own from the start.

join the intensive.


Once you have a well-built team you can count on, your workload decreases while your income increases. Finally become that business owner who takes weekends off with family.

Reclaim your Dream.

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