Successful and unsuccessful people have the same goals, but there’s a secret.

The successful ones have an accountability coach!

It's time to join A+

Sound familiar?

We get it, setting goals is hard and sticking to them? Even harder!

If you are finding yourself...

Pushing your goals to the back burner...

Promising yourself "next month, next quarter, next year"...

And sensing that your business will continue to stay as it is without support...

...then A+ is for you! 

Your time and energy is so precious, don’t waste it spinning your wheels! Stop making promises to yourself and then feeling like a failure when you didn’t have dedicated time to accomplish it. 

Our Accountability+ program is a highly customized program that is designed with you in mind.

Each month, we will help you build your goals and hold you accountable for them so that you can harness greater success. 

Join us for monthly “in the loop” emails, community calls where you can network and be supported by other entrepreneurs, and monthly accountability check-ins with your coach.  

The best part?

We offer 1:1 coaching calls as you need them so you can have the support you need, when you need it!

No more going it alone!

You'll also gain access to:

A 1:1 Onboarding Call

Guided access to the TAG Video Library

All of our TAG Tools and Templates

A Personalized Accountability+ Workbook

Don’t get to the end of another quarter with goals you’ve yet to meet.  You deserve better, and so does your business. Let’s work together to get you an A+ year! 

Join Accountability+ today and start seeing success right away. 

It's time to join A+

"It's incredibly reassuring knowing that Ashley & Dale are very much involved and supportive along the way."

Michelle goodwin - MG Weddings + Design

“This is blowing my mind! I am so excited to have someone holding me accountable.”

- Ivan Amssan

“This is the push that I needed!”

- Sara Dunn

What it feels like to finally have the accountability your goals deserve

what to expect

What's included?

Finally get the support you seek to harness greater success in your creative business with...

Monthly Accountability Check-Ins

Emails from our friendly team just to make sure you are doing ok and moving forward in your business. A $67 value.

1:1 Coaching Calls (as you need!)

20-minute, 1:1 coaching calls to talk through problems you are facing in your business - as you're facing them! This has NEVER before been offered outside the Intensive!!  You don't have to do it alone anymore! A $297 value.

Once-a-Month Community Calls

Zoom call hosted by TAG where you can connect, ask questions to the group, and network with like-minded owners that are building their teams. A $97 value.

"In-The-Loop" Community Emails

A monthly email that goes out about all things TAG. Our upcoming trainings, conferences we are attending, amazing things happening in our community, and SO much more! A $47 value.

Plus, Bonuses like...

1:1 Onboarding Call - A $197 value

Let us help set you up for success and give you a tour of everything included in the Accountability+ program. No more having a membership you don't use! 

Accountability+ Workbook - A $497 value

Developed by TAG to help you create an action plan in your business. Not only do we help you build it, but we keep you accountable to the goals you set! 

Guided Access to our Video Library - A $3,997 value

All training we have done at TAG. BYT Intensive, Business Foundations, Marketing Methods, and SO much more. 

Guided Access to our TAG Tools - A $1,997 value

Every tool we have developed at TAG. Hundreds of templates, workbooks, financial tools, and beyond!

That's over $7,196 value for just $97/month!

It's time to join A+

Why we created Accountability+

We’ve worked with large and small businesses from all around the world, and (as unique as they all are) they all have one thing in common...

They feel like they are on entrepreneur island. It can get lonely in small business. With the vast array of responsibilities on your plate, it can be easy to let your goals go by the way side.

We started talking with students in our intensive about the idea of Accountability+ and the answer was a resounding “YES please!”

As we’ve had the opportunity to partner with businesses, we’ve seen entrepreneurs get excited and creative again, knowing someone is lovingly tapping them on the shoulder and checking in!

Sound like exactly what you need?

Here's how it works...

After joining Accountability+, our team will reach out to you to schedule a 1:1 onboarding call. You’ll meet with Kayla, who will walk you through your portal and all of the resources available to you. She will guide you through your workbook, and support you as you build your goals for the month.

Each month, you’ll have a friendly check-in from your coach to help keep you on track. And when things get hard or you need support, you can always book a 1:1 call (as you need them!!) to get personalized support from the team.

Looking for community? Join in on monthly community calls where you can network and creatively problem solve with like-minded friends.

And of course, we are always building and giving you more! You know us!! 

Life's too short to let your life-changing goals collect dust on a shelf.

It's time to get the accountability you need to give your goals the spotlight they deserve.

It's time to join A+