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The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Team

Learn the exact steps to start, grow, and sustain a highly effective and successful team who is just as bought into your company as you are!  Download the guide now!

The Ultimate Guide to Building a Team is for you if...

You don't think you would actually be a good boss, and honestly aren't even that sure you want to manage people.

You don't feel like you have a good grasp on the difference between an employee and an independent contractor (not to scare you but there is a huge, potentially costly difference.)

You're unsure of how to trust someone with the amazing business that you have built, but know you need to learn.

You have some SOPs written, but aren't sure they are actually all that effective. 

You aren't actually sure how to sell a team well because your clients have always hired you.

We're Ashley & Dale

Together, we are the dad-daughter duo who grew Ashley’s wedding planning business into the super streamlined and profitable team you see today, grossing over $4.5 million in sales (and counting)—with over 40 planners across 9 different locations.

With decades of combined experience in leadership and building large teams, Ashley and Dale founded The Abundance Group to coach and educate other small business owners on how to build successful teams.

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